Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones

Summer is here and it is time for ice cream. There are a number of companies who make a gluten free ice cream cones and I have listed some below.

I highly encourage you to take a GF cone to your favorite ice cream place and ask them to use it. I have been to Dairy Queen a couple of times now and they gladly take my cone over the counter (using a napkin) and apply soft serve ice cream. Make sure to take in the box of cones, not just a cone in your hand, so they can see that it came from a box. There are 'food handling' issues that may prevent some places from using your cone.

Let's Do Organics (in the blue box) - cake cones
Barkat - both cake cones and waffle cones that are certified Kosher.
Cerrone Cones - waffle cones
Goldbaums Cones - cake cones that are certified Kosher

Enjoy your summer!

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