Sunday, June 14, 2009

Betty Crocker to the Rescue

Well, I went to the in-laws this weekend to celebrate my husband's birthday. This usually means we will have a gluten cake for dessert and I will have ice cream and berries. Not so this year. My mother-in-law announces that she wants to make me a GF cake and has scoped out some GF mixes in the Health Food section of Kroger in Athens, GA. I tell her to look for the Betty Crocker mixes, since they just arrived on the market last week.

So anyway, I arrive in Athens and I am presented with a GF Yellow Cake with homemade Chocolate Icing (my mother-in-law knew I wouldn't eat the GF prepared frostings) sitting on a plate next to the gluten cake. I don't have to tell you it almost brought a tear to my eye. The cake was soft, moist and had a great taste/texture. My mother-in-law ate some just to give it a try and couldn't distinguish it from a gluten cake.

I can't believe someone finally made me a GF cake. While I was writing this my husband (then boyfriend)reminds me that he made me a GF poundcake back when we were dating (98), but it was inedible. I don't believe I had really gotten the hang of baking GF yet, so I probably didn't give him the best flour to use.

Oh, and I just remembered that a good friend made me GF brownies. He had to make them without eggs, since he is a Vegan, so they didn't quite turn out, but it is the thought that counts, right?

I always make my own sweets for every occasion. I just feel more comfortable knowing what dessert I can have and don't feel like putting anyone out to make something for me. Even 12 years later, I don't want to burden friends/family with my dessert needs.

It was sooooo nice to have someone else bake for me and I hope the trend continues!

The GF Betty Crocker mixes are available at all grocery stores and are priced at $4.49 per box. They make GF: Brownie, Cookie, Chocolate cake and Yellow cake mixes. Tell your friends and family about these mixes and they just may surprise you with a special treat!

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