Friday, June 19, 2009

UPDATE on GF Breakfast Items at J. Christopher's

I made it in to J. Chrisopher's to try the new GF breakfast items on Tuesday. I sampled the GF pancakes and Strada made with apples with my good friend Julie (Yes, Julie from the Outback). When we arrive, the owner's son was waiting for us and told me I was instructed to try the Strada by his Mother.

It turns out that the Strada dish is the item they want to promote due to the ability to prepare this item without any cross contamination concerns. They prepare this item in the 'skillet' pans in advance and then warm it up to order. I have to say that the Strada was very good. It was almost like eating apple pie between two pieces of bread. You could taste the cinnamon and the butter as they melded perfectly with the apples. It wasn't too sweet, so that it needed ice cream, but very tasty and a perfect breakfast item.

The pancakes on the other hand were a miss for me. The pancakes were flat and crusty around the edges. I learned that they are using a substandard mix, so I am going to work to get them a sample of Pamela's Products Pancake and Baking Mix, so they can see the difference. I love making Pamela's pancakes at home and blogged about them being my favorite mix last month, so I would just love to be able to go out and order them.

We are going to work together to schedule a lunch/brunch/luncheon to debut all of the breakfast items very soon. The owner is working to create a set gluten free menu, but it is still in the initial stages.

Please everyone go out and visit J. Christopher's Monday through Friday to sample their Strada, French Toast and Pancakes. We need to support their efforts by frequenting the restaurant.


  1. What JCs did you go to? I just called the Crabapple road location in Roswell and he said the only thing they served gluten free were the eggs. Thanks!

  2. I went to the Peachtree location and asked and the lady untying the chained chairs was really rude about me asking and I told her it was on the Internet and she said "well, we don't!" so we left. We were here on vacation but won't be back to one of there stores, with rudeness like that. All were doing is trying to find some gluten free pancakes !