Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite GF Pancake Mixes

I just love making gluten free pancakes. So much so that I have tried just about every gluten free pancake mix on the market. While I don't consider myself to be much of a cook, I can make great pancakes from mixes. I have narrowed down my favorites mixes to the following and in this order:

Pamela's Products Baking and Pancake Mix - this mix contains buttermilk and can also be used as a substitute for bisquick. The pancakes are easy to make with a great taste and texture. I like this mix because it is so versatile. I have used it to make drop biscuits, scones, quiche, etc. This mix does contain powdered buttermilk, so it isn't dairy free.

Really Great Food - this mix requires you to let it rest after it is mixed up because it actually rises in the bowl. These pancakes rise very high once flipped in the pan. I usually don't like syrup on my pancakes, but the syrup soaks into these pancakes quite nicely. This mix is dairy and soy free. This mix is made in a dedicated facility. I don't know anyone who sells it locally, but you can order it via their website.

Maple Grove Farms - this mix rises in the pan as you flip the pancakes. It makes a light, fluffy pancake. This mix does contain Soy Flour and I believe this is what gives it such a nice wheat-like texture. This mix isn't available locally, but you can order it via their website.

Kinnikinnick - this mix makes very delicate pancakes that I use to make pancake sandwiches by adding eggs, cheese, sprouts, etc. I find that they don't rise the way the other mixes do, but was told by Kinnikinnick that they will rise if you separate the eggs, beat the eggs whites until fluffy and then gently fold in the mix after the other ingredients are incorporated.

Breakfast should be enjoyed by all, regardless if your diet is restricted.

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  1. I miss waffles soooooo much (my little ones even more!). Do you know if you can you any of this mixes as is for waffles?