Friday, May 22, 2009

Gluten Free Camps in Georgia

It is that time of year is out and parents are arranging summer camps for their children. We are fortunate that our local R.O.C.K (Raising our Celiac Kids) chapter partnered with Camp Twin Lakes to create Camp WeeKanEatIt, the first ever gluten free camp in Georgia.

Camp WeeKanEatIt had its first Family Camp Mother's Day weekend 2008. This year the camp offered two options: a Family Camp Mother's Day weekend and a week long Summer camp. The Summer Camp runs from July 26-31 at Camp Twin Lakes (Camp Will-A-Way location in Winder, GA

This camp week will be exclusive (no other camps joining) with all of the meals and snacks being gluten free. Other dietary restrictions (dairy, egg, soy, etc.) can be accommodated. The dedicated staff will work to develop a gluten free version of a traditional camp menu, complete with gluten free smores, pancakes, donuts, etc. I volunteered my time to help organize both the menu (2008) and the goodie bags/snacks (2009).

Since the camp really prefers that parents not serve as cabin counselors/volunteers (so the kids get the whole "camp experience") – they would love to get some volunteers from the celiac community. Volunteers must be 18 yrs of age (by Sept 1st) and a high school graduate. Camp covers all of the volunteer costs.

All of the forms for registering or volunteering are posted online on the Camp Twin Lakes website (, go to "partner organizations", then find Camp WeeKanEatIt and you will find the forms). They are anticipating 75 campers.

I hope some of you will consider volunteering your time for this worth while experience. Serving as a mentor to these campers is one of the most rewarding experiences.

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  1. What a terrific idea for our kids! I had no idea we had this but I'm definitely going to sign up my two for this. They'll have so much fun. The older one is a bit self-conscious of her dietary restrictions so now she'll get to be completely at ease with all these other children with her same diet. I only wish I could both volunteer and send my kids to the camp.