Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When is enough..enough

I have to say that I have been seriously reconsidering the amount of time I spend doing volunteer work. It isn't that I don't enjoy helping people or that I am looking to make money, but it is that I am so tired of complaints.

It seems all I hear lately is complaining and no compliments. People don't seem to be satisfied with me giving, in some cases, 4+ hours a day of my time. No, they want to ask me to take on even more responsibility and add to my work load without pitching in to help.

If it weren't for that handful of people who send me complimentary emails and who go out of there way to say positive things, I definitely would have given it up by now.

My challenge to you is to encourage you to go out and volunteer your time for a worthy cause. October is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and I am sure you can all think of some way to donate your time and or money to help increase awareness and raise research dollars:
* Patronize a local restaurant and encourage them to provide a gluten free menu.

* Wear “Gluten Free” gear (hats, t-shirts). This is a great way to strike up a conversation with a stranger and educate them about the disease.
* Write to your local media (newspapers, local TV stations, etc.). Suggest they run a story about Celiac Disease while you share your story and serve as their interviewee.
* Subscribe to a magazine on the gluten-free diet, like Gluten Free Living, Living Without, or Delightfully Gluten Free
* Start a local blog and share your experiences with the gluten-free diet
* Participate in a local health fair by volunteering your time or showcasing gluten-free services
* Join a local support group: Atlanta Metro Celiacs and Georgia's R.O.C.K. Chapter
* Join the local Atlanta Gluten Free Dinner Group, meet new people, share information on their message board and dine at local restaurants
* Set up a display at a local health food store, library, etc., to promote Celiac Disease awareness.

Before you criticize someone think about what you can be doing to help.

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